Unity in diversity for Duterte

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Duterte “tra-foes” use church in their black prop

We denounce in the strongest terms “trapos” who are using the church in vain. They are circulating a leaflet attacking Duterte, portraying him as evil, as if they themselves are not sinners.

All of us are sinners. No less than God and Jesus called on us sinners to confess our transgressions so we may receive the Holy Spirit and find the path to salvation.

In their black propaganda, they even use the picture of one bishop as if endorsing their character assassination of Duterte.

The Holy Father, Pope Francis, is already saying prayers for Duterte. How can common parishioners like these “tra-foes” do any better in vilifying him.

We are Catholics and we abhor and do not believe in black propaganda and lies. We will vote for someone who can effect change in our underdeveloped country and in our rotten society. We will vote for Duterte.

Change is coming like Jesus!

Catholic for Duterte

Priest as citizen


Before I was baptized as a Catholic, I was a natural-born Filipino citizen. Because of my vow, however, I bow not to use the pulpit or this microphone for any partisan political sermon. But that would not stop me from wearing what is perhaps the most sought after baller bracelet these days. I too, like the church, is for #TunayNaPagbabago. Let us all pray for a new Philippines. Let us not be afraid even if others are trying to scare us about the Man of Action with No Corruption. Let us not be afraid of the future, God is already there.

Pope, Duterte vs. corruption

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Pope on Corruption


YFC March


NO TO DRUGS … among the advocacy of the Youth For Christ during the march in the streets of Tagbilaran, Bohol. As may as 95% of the youth delegates root for Duterte even if they are not yet voters. They are worried about their future under trapos.

YFC for Duterte

YFC Bohol

Happening right now (April 9 1 p.m.) in Bohol … National Convention of the Youth For Christ (YFC) … maybe up to 95% of the youth delegates are for Davao Mayor Rody Duterte!